Stop Selling OUT! How To Become The Buyer And Get Girls To Start Chasing You


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Have you ever felt like you’re the one contributing and doing all of the work in the interaction?

Have you ever felt like you have to constantly be entertaining her in order to keep in interaction going?

Have you ever felt like you have to put on some kind of puppet show in order to keep her attention?

I’m sure that you have, and so have I…

But all of that can change, RIGHT NOW!

Let me introduce you to the new concept of:


This article also goes hand in hand with my previous article, that’s entitled:

Taking On Your Role As A Man As Opposed To Taking On The Woman’s Role!

And this is probably one of the most important distinctions that you have to make in order to start having success with the women that you’re interacting with.

Be the buyer, not the seller.


When you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone by approaching and interacting with a woman that you’re attracted to it’s very easy to have the tendency to fall into the role of wanting to place her on some kind of pedestal and to start SELLING YOURSELF TO HER.

To feel as though you aren’t entitled to being with her in the first place, and to proactively try to demonstrate your value as a man in order for her to feel attracted to you.

To feel as though you have to prove yourself as a man in order for her to feel attracted to you.

And when you’re coming from this frame of mind it’s completely outside of your reality for you to realize that just by that fact that you are a man and that she is a woman, that there’s going to be natural attraction between the two of you.

You should never have the need to try to FORCE IT.

You don’t need to put on any kind of show or have to accentuate any aspect of your personality in order for her to feel attracted to you.

You are enough. (Cf. Alexander~)

Attraction is something that should naturally arise just by the fact that you are a man and that she is a woman.

There is nothing more to it!

And when you’re able to realize that this is just something that’s going to naturally happen, you’re then going to start having the right positive assumptions about the interaction as well. 

A lot of guys have negative assumptions when approaching and interacting with women.

It’s like some kind of “race against time” for them.

They have the firm belief that women are going to try to reject them from the very start of the interaction and unless they’re able to prove them and change their minds before they have the chance to do so, they will fail.

Their thought process is very similar to: ”Let me quickly demonstrate my value as a man before she has the chance to reject me!” 

…which is one of the worst frames of mind that you could ever be coming from.

How can you NOT be trying to sell yourself if you’re constantly thinking like this?

How can you not be feeling that need to put on some kind of puppet show in order to entertain her mind and distract her from wanting to reject you?

You have to have the positive assumptions that come when you realize that you don’t need to have anything more than being a man in order to have success with women.

You already have everything that you need.

Now, what are the women that you’re interacting with experiencing when you’re not coming from the buyer dynamic?

If you’re approaching her and constantly trying to sell yourself to her in order to proactively demonstrate higher value, is the interaction going to be “Win / Win” or is it going to be “Win / Lose” ?

It’s going to be “Win / Lose…”

What kind of value is she going to be getting from someone who is coming from that inferior frame of trying to sell himself to her?

Would YOU ever want to be with someone like that?

The answer is, no!

You want the interaction to be “Win / Win” for the both of you. 

You want her to feel proud to be with someone like you.

You don’t want to feel like you’ve won the lottery by being with someone who you believe as being out of your league. And this is the vibe that she’ll be getting from you if you’re coming from the seller dynamic.

You want her to be benefiting from the interaction as well.

And more importantly, you want her to be investing in it.

You are never going to have success with women if they are not investing in the interactions that you’re having with them. 

You want to switch the roles of the interaction and you want to start having her trying to sell herself to you instead!

If you’re the one trying to live up to her standards and doing all of the work in the interaction, she is not going to feel any pride in being with you, at all.

You’re never going to feel proud of something that you didn’t have to work for.

She has to become part of the interaction and contribute to it as well.

And as a side note, this does not mean asking her random questions and letting her talk by answer them. The investment that you’re looking for is when she’s the one asking questions about you.

You want her to start asking things like: ”Who are you? Where did you come from?” 

This is what investment on her part should look like, and this is also something that a lot of people tend to confuse.

And lastly, if you’re someone who’s running around trying to sell himself to every woman that you see, do you think that they are going to perceive you as having any kind of value, at all?

Do you think that they are going to view you as having any kind of personal standards?

Or do you think that they are going to view you as someone who’s just running around ready to take whatever he can get?

Women want that “Alpha Male” who assumes who he is as a person and who they can feel proud to be with. 

They want someone who is the BUYER in the dynamic of the interaction.

They’re not going to want to be with the “Beta Male” with whom their chances of survival and reproduction are drastically diminished. The only way that they’re going to go for him is out of pity!

They want a man who has his own standards that go deeper than just physical appearance and that they have to live up to.

They want a man who lets them invest in the interaction as opposed to trying to constantly sell himself to them.

By being the buyer and not the seller, they win by getting that “Alpha Male” who adds value to their life and you win by getting the women that you’ve always wanted.

Be the buyer, not the seller.


  1. Craig~ April 16, 2012 at 3:28 am - Reply

    Nice man! Your explanation of the buyer vs seller dynamic couldn’t get any clearer.

    Looking forward to see what you do with the blog, looks rad as it is in my opinion.

  2. Ello April 16, 2012 at 7:13 pm - Reply

    Nice man u just widened my viewpoint. 1 question thou, I am landing in copenhagen 26.april. And I was wondering if I could meet up with you guys in the period from 26-30 april. Would be awesome! This shit is changing my life and if you have some time you think I could bump on to you while im stayin in DK, would be great if u send me an e-mail :P

    yours sincerely – A soul whos on the journy!

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